Professional, Creative + Tested Email Design

Looking for professional and creative email design? Shebang helps your business generate leads and customers and email them regularly so that you get happy customers and return business. Every creative email we design is tested in more than 48 email clients and mobile devices. We are email template experts and here’s why you should work with us:

Professional Email Design

Professional, Responsive Email Design

Refine your message and extend your brand reach with high-quality, creative, professional email design. We’ll work with you to design flexible email templates that can be frequently updated so you’re in touch with your customers with a clear, consistent brand. As email template experts, our understanding of best email practices informs your message and design.

Email Client Testing

Email Client Tested

Your emails will look great – no matter what device your clients use (we test each email in the most popular email clients):

Android 2.2
Android Gmail
Entourage 04
Entourage 08
iPad Gmail
Lotus Notes 6.5
Lotus Notes 7
Lotus Notes 8
Lotus Notes 8.5
Mac Mail
Outlook Express
Outlook 03
Outlook 07
Outlook 10
Thunderbird 2
Thunderbird 3
Windows Live
Windows Mail
Yahoo Beta
Yahoo Classic
Yahoo Mail

Email Service Providers

Delivered On Time

We’ll send your professionally designed emails and newsletters for you. We’ll set up a/b testing, custom email templates, and make sure your message arrives on target and on time.

Email Best Practice Code

Leave the (Geeky) Details to Us

Leave the geeky stuff to us. We test for spam triggers, design optimization, email client interpretation and ensure all code is up to snuff.

Email Analytics & Tracking

Grow Leads and Customers

We’ll also help you interpret your newsletter tracking results and manage/segment your email lists. Need signup forms and landing pages on your website to grow your subscribers? We’ll do that too.

Social Networks, Sweepstakes & More

Social Networks, Contests, Coupons, & More

Share your email across popular social networks and track activity on those networks too. We can help create contests and sweepstakes to help build your customer base, and create redeemable coupons and offers.


Sample Emails That We’ve Created: